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Coming to Terms With the Dirt

The Dirt. A few weeks ago, after pondering all the chaos in the world, I decided to sow seeds for winter crops like beet greens, hardy lettuces, arugula, and cilantro. The rains hadn’t yet come, so I knew I was in for some hard work. I took my shovel and hori knife and turned

On Anxiety and Grief in the Time of Ecological Collapse

I’ve always had trouble sleeping, but in recent years it’s gotten much worse. I used to stay up deriving formulas on my ceiling before a calculus exam, or running through a piece of viola music in my head, to see if I had it memorized. Perhaps I was anxious, and rather than count sheep

Chronicle Two – Fear of Fire

All summer long I was terrified that my house would burn down, in fact, not just my house, but my whole town. Every day I scanned the weather reports, hoping against hope for rain. When I went on a trip, my husband had to stay home, in case of fire. He’d be home to

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First Chronicle of the Drought

Emergencies make for an interesting and surprising journey. When I first heard that our town had declared a level 3 water emergency, meaning no outdoor watering at all, I went into my own emergency mode. I put buckets in the tubs and showers and sinks, declaring that no flush should occur with fresh water.

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Introduction to The Drought Chronicles

Yesterday we dug a grave for a much loved cat. She was hit by a car, and she was only five years old. She was a glorious creature, filling our garden refuge with her magic and playfulness, chasing butterflies, rolling around in the dirt, playing hide and seek with her squirrel friend. It seems

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