What is Permaculture?

If we look around us, we can see evidence of environmental degradation. We might see a stand of trees that has been chopped down. We might have friends or relatives who have lost their homes or towns to a wildfire. Perhaps we hear about the extinction of a species we know and love. Now

Wild and Weedy

For many years I waged war in my garden. I dug dandelions out of my lawn, using a tool called Grandpa’s Weeder, and I made huge piles of wilting Sheep’s Sorrel, which slowly dried up in a distant corner by the big pine tree. Every summer my back complained, and every spring the weeds returned

The Magic of Elderflowers

Lace leafed Elderflower This year we’ve had an unusual amount of rain, which is heavenly after the years of intense heat and drought we’ve had recently. The plants are ecstatic, growing rampant, rioting all over the yard. Early in the morning, I stand in the still humid air and breathe deeply, reveling in


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