Violets in Permaculture- Forage A Feast For The Senses

Foraging violets takes me straight back to my childhood, not just to real events that occurred, but also to the dreams I had as a little girl. When I was little, one of my favorite things to do in spring was to find a shady spot under a fruit tree, brush my hands over

Foraging Conifers – an Unexpected Friend

Foraging Conifers is Permaculture if done right. When most people think of Permaculture, they think of lush polycultures, chicken yards, tree guilds, or perhaps water catchment. One thing that most people don’t associate with Permaculture is foraging, but foraging, if it’s done ethically, is definitely an element of a Permaculture system. An important goal

Feeding Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Kitchen Scraps and Garden Treats

The time has come to talk about chickens and what they can eat. A chicken is a wonderful animal. She will eat many of your kitchen scraps and spent plants and weeds, while producing not only eggs, but also nutritious manure for the garden, feathers, and hours of silly entertainment. A chicken can also

The Evolution of My Cards and My Mission

Ever since I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate, I’ve been searching for ways to engage the public on Permaculture garden design and various environmental topics. I did some consultations, started writing articles, and gave workshops on topics ranging from seed saving and sprouting to no-trash challenges for school kids. I’ve been studying herbalism, foraging,

Saving Seeds for a Self Sufficient Garden

It’s that time again, the time when the rains come, and the plants turn brown, their flowers going to seed. It’s time to collect and save seeds.   Seed saving may be the most neglected element of gardening. Every winter, most of us feast our eyes upon the pages of seed catalogs, drooling over the

Ethics and Principles – The Foundation of Permaculture

The practice of Permaculture is grounded in ethics and principles, and many new permaculture students get bogged down by them, impatient to move forward and learn the actual design system. “Why all this philosophy?” they ask. “I just want to learn to design amazing gardens and grow a lot of food.” It’s easy to

Fostering Biodiversity: Pollinator Sanctuary Garden Inventory

Every year I do a species inventory of my garden. I make note of which plants are growing where, and how well they tolerate the level of sun, the soil, and their neighboring plants. Sometimes I discover that plants fail to thrive in our clay soil; such is the case with our blueberry and

What is Permaculture?

If we look around us, we can see evidence of environmental degradation. We might see a stand of trees that has been chopped down. We might have friends or relatives who have lost their homes or towns to a wildfire. Perhaps we hear about the extinction of a species we know and love. Now


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